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Do you know me?
Oh, okay...
Sorry to bother you.
I'm trying to find someone who does.
Because I don't know myself
Feels like someone gutted my core
And stored on a high shelf
And I can't reach it
I can catch glimpses of it
The girl I was before
Sad but confident
Wore my battle scars with pride
Didn't know when I took that last ride
Into the fray
I would never return
I pray
That I can find me
Or someone who can reach
That shelf
And return to me
This is the second of my college character musings. Here it is in its unedited glory!

(Note: I didn't get to watch the entire film. When Mom saw Dr. whatshisname talking to his "friends on the other side" about selling the souls of New Orleans, she deemed it too much bad voodoo for our household, and was immediately stopped. I've read stuff in Wikipedia and seen clips on Youtube. So if i say something not quite right about the film, let me know, k?)


"Just one kiss?"

She said she'd never kiss a frog. However, with her dreams in peril, and this "prince" in need of growing up hits her with an offer she cannot refuse: a kiss in exchange for her dream to come true. Not wanting to let her dream fall to pieces after coming so far, she kisses the frog. And confirms my childhood hypothesis:

If you go kissing frogs, you gonna turn into one.

A kiss is something special. We grow up wanting Mommy to kiss our boo-boos to make them all better(though i grew up with a Boo Boo that will not go away if Mommy kisses him, but that's another blog). We sighed over a prince and princess kiss and live happily ever after. We giggled when we caught Mommy kissing Daddy under the mistletoe. We grew up learning that a kiss is something very special. A kiss is absolute magic!

A kiss(especially THE first kiss) is meant to join two into one. It's meant to bring about a happily ever after that God created for two to share. However, today's kisses are being sold to the highest bidder. If kissing this boy will make you popular, then a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. If a kiss means he'll always love me, then give it to him.

We got too many frogs out there today trying to become a prince by a girl's kiss. But that's not how it's supposed to be. Kissing a princess can break the "spell", but it's not something to be bought and sold. It's not to be taken lightly. The "first" kiss on Tiana's wedding day brought about the desired results for both her and the "frog". That's a kiss bringing about happily ever after.

"When you became my wife, that made you-"

"A princess. You just kissed yourself a princess."

"And I'm about to do it again."

A kiss. A priceless treasure meant to make two become one. And lead to many more kisses to come.

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Karen Shivoski
I'm one of the fallen. A vessel for damnation. The world just wants me for a punching bag. They forget that I can't be killed. I'm set aflame by hellfire. I will always rise from the ashes. One day, they'll regret what they did to me.
Yeah, that's Raven talking up there. Anywho, I'm Karen. I'm one of those weird people who likes to get in character when they write. Otherwise I'm just gonna stare blankly at my computer screen till I pass out. My bff in rl is Nitsuj-Poy. My bro is ThetaSigma7. They both are more into pictures I'll probably post some random poems or story chapters. If there is anything you like, hate, want to see, please comment so I can give it a go!

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