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Anyone else mad about Danny Pink? I watched the Christmas Special. Still in tears. *tries not to cry again*
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A light snow fell down upon the city as evening tucked its children into bed. Bright street lights blinked to life, like stars in the sky. Colored strings of lights beamed from store fronts, greenery, and even from the many houses. Smoke curled comfortingly from chimneys as little ones snuggled up with their loved ones in beds and on couches to listen to stories be told of heroes and dragons and fair maidens and happily ever afters. Once stories had been told, mommas, pappas, uncles, aunts, and grandparents alike would tuck the little ones into bed for a good night’s rest. This is how things always were in Christmas Towne.
For centuries, Christmas Towne had been a paradise. It snowed every evening just before bedtime so the inhabitants would awake to a new blanket of magical powder everywhere. Children would run off to school as grown-ups went to work after having breakfast in the morning. Children would be let out of school an hour early so they could enjoy the snow before going home. Christmas lights and decorations would be adorning everything all year round. There was no sadness. No fear. No broken hearts or tears. Everyone was always happy.
Tonight was no different from any other night. Everyone was asleep. Nothing disturbed the softly falling snow. At least not at first. Slowly, one person and then another appeared. These few went to work repairing lights and checking for any other needed repairs or other dilemmas that required their special talents. These were the ones no one ever saw. They were a special team chosen by the father of the town, Father Christmas. They were known as the Angels. Their duty was to protect the paradise that was Christmas Towne. If a light bulb needed fixing, they would do it. If a tree was dying, it would be replaced. If a favorite toy had been broken, they would repair it. If a child or even an adult was suffering from a bad dream, they would cure the ailment with sweet perfume or special lullaby of their own creation. Very few ever caught glimpse of these Angels. Some child who was sneakily staying awake past bedtime may catch a small glimpse of one before dozing off to sleep. A few stories of special Christmas miracles were attributed to these special beings. However, Father Christmas and the Angels did their best to let no one know of the organization’s existence for they did not wish to ruin the Christmas magic.
Now Angels were not to be confused with the elves. Elves strictly were to create the toys for Christmas Day. Everyone knew about the Elves, and were even visited by the Elves on occasion before Christmas Day so present requests could be made. The Angels, however, were said to be sacred beings beyond approach. Thus, they remained a mystery.
There was no mystery, however. The Angels were normal folks whom Father Christmas chose to work these special tasks because they held remarkable abilities that helped with keeping the town in perfect order. Some were good at handling the tricky task of handling the lights. Others knew how to quiet a fitful sleep without awaking the sleeper. More knew how to quickly repair the most damaged of toys so it was like new in a matter of moments. A special few though were tasked with decorating Christmas Towne. However, only one Angel was in charge of caring for the needs of the people of town. This one understood how to create scenes of hope, joy, and love in just the right locations so they could inspire happiness in even the darkest hearts. They could feel the hurt of someone who had lost or broken something special. They knew who needed to be saved from nightmares. The majority of stories told about the Angels revolved around this very special angel known as the Archangel.
Noelle trudged through the snow as she did every night to reach the few Christmas trees in the open field between the town and the Snowfree Forest. Many a child love to come to this hilly plain to play in the snow or skate on the nearby frozen pond. The few trees were always decorated in lights and tinsel and were absolutely adored by the children. Stories told that these were the Angels’ favorite trees though no one knew why. Snow crunched under her black boots as Noelle stopped beside the last of these trees. A soft breeze toyed with the few auburn strands that had escaped from under her white fur cap. She removed white gloved hand from her muff to tuck those strands away from her pale face. The soft lights threw patches of colors upon her blue wool dress and matching cloak. Embroidered on the upper bodice of the dress was a large white snowflake adorned with hundreds of crystals. These crystals caught the lights from the tree, reflecting the rainbow back like a game of catch. Hazel eyes appeared to be changing colors to match those it saw on the tree. Noelle wasn’t paying attention to the lights or the snow around her. She was staring at a certain glass ball hanging from a lower branch.
“Half an inch off,” she whispered to herself as she adjusted the ornament so if caught the light. Noelle took her duty very seriously. She had an eye and a heart for understanding how even the smallest imperfection could ruin the message she wished to convey. Every light must be in perfect position. Every ornament must shine from said lights. Every stand of tinsel mustn’t be wrapped too tight or to loose from branch or storefront. A nativity scene must have all characters seen, but must have the Christ child at the center of attention. All other Angels held her in high respect for her job was most important to them. They didn’t know which lights needed replacing or where to set up a Crèche unless she told them. They couldn’t disperse nightmares if she did not alert them. The Angels loved their Archangel. While most angels slept during the day. Noelle would venture out into the town to make sure all was right. If something went wrong, such as a bulb breaking or a child getting hurt, Noelle would step in to make it right. Everyone thought of her as a kind, caring soul. Someone worthy of the title of Angel. However, they did not expect her to be the Archangel.
Noelle took a step back to reanalyze the scene before her.
“Perfect,” she softly announced to no one. Her job was done.
Noelle tiredly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. How long had she been doing all this Archangel business? How long had it been since fixing a tree had inspired her, like when she was young? When was the last time she felt the same hope and happiness that the townsfolk experienced every day? She couldn’t remember. That pained her heart. To be honest, the Angels were all very talented people. They worked almost as hard as she did. Even now, they scoured the city to make sure all was as it should be. She was not really as needed as she once was. Nightmares were now a rare occurrence. Broken toys were repaired before she could even find them. As for displays, they needed to be refreshed every so often, but the decorators were almost as good as she was. She merely wasn’t as needed anymore. That thought made her feel sad. She still did her duty. She walked the city streets day after night after day to watch the people she had promised to care for, and yet no one really needed her anymore. The Angels would never admit that, she knew; however, she knew otherwise. These thoughts had been robbing her of her happiness for years now. Nothing she did or saw could restore what she had lost. Christmas Towne no longer filled her with happiness, joy, and hope. It only brought on the sense that she was like an old lightbulb, ready to be tossed aside at any moment because she had outlived her usefulness. She no longer had the Christmas spirit, as the townsfolk called it.
Noelle sighed as she looked up to the sky. As always at this time, the clouds were parting, allowing the stars above to be seen. One always outshone the rest. The Christmas Star. It could always be seen in Christmas Towne. Every Christmas Eve, the residents would make their wishes to it, hoping that their dreams for Christmas would come true.
“Do you feel unneeded to?” she asked the star. “Seems you’re only needed one night out of the year. Do you ever feel tired of hearing all those wishes, knowing that you aren’t needed to answer them?” Noelle always asked these things of the star every night. As always, the star twinkled back. Noelle sighed. A sudden thought came to her. A strange thought she had never thought of before. However, it made a lot of sense. “I know it’s not Christmas, not by a long shot, but I’d like to make a wish.” She clasped her hands within her white muff, holding them to her chest. “I wish, I pray, with all my heart to find the happiness and inspiration I once had.” Tears came to her eyes as she wished as hard as she could. “Please help me find my Christmas spirit again!”    
She didn’t notice the snowflake design on her dress spark to life for the faintest of moments after making her wish. She did however feel a sudden darkness emanating from the Snowfree Forest. The Snowfree forest was a dense dark place where the trees grew so close together that the snow couldn’t reach the ground. Rumors told of nasty creatures that lived there. Unnatural beings that thrived in the dark environment became the villains of many a bedtime story. Some even said that the forest was where nightmares thrived while waiting to find a dream they could invade. Grown-ups warned their children to never enter the woods. “Where there is no snow, you must not go!” was a popular saying parents taught their children. Every once in a while, a boy or girl wishing to prove his bravery would step foot into the outskirts only to run home crying to mother about what he saw there. There were stories of children disappearing into the woods, but those tales belonged to the early days of the town.
Noelle took a small snowglobe from her cloak pocket. These globes were of special design. Once shaken, instead of glitter and snow falling inside the liquid-filled dome, a bright light would emanate from the sphere. Noelle activated the light as she quickly ran to the edge of the forest. The darkness she felt was similar to the sensation of a nightmare invading a dream. She wondered why she felt it coming from the forest. Perhaps it was a new evil wishing to disturb the town. She could not let that happen! Taking a deep breath to still her beating heart, Noelle took her first step into the Snowfree Forest.
There was no snow underfoot. The thick branches blocked out the snow and trapped the escaping heat from the ground, causing a pleasantly warm environment. Noelle welcomed the warmth after walking through the cold snow. She carefully shined her light about her, looking for the causing of the disturbance. Seeing nothing, she pressed on towards the direction her intuition told her. Being careful not to trip over exposed treelimbs, Noelle sped over rotting leaves and pine needles. Her cloak caught on the lower branches. She quickly unfastened it, allowing her to travel more freely. She could feel the sensation of darkness building up in her chest. She was getting closer. She feared what she would find. She turned a corner to find the source of the disturbance.
A large black creature snarled as it spun around to face her. A pair of black abysses were almost hidden in the matted dark fur that covered its face. Only the light glinting off the evil eyes revealed where they were in the expanse of face. The same textured fur covered its entire body. It had the massive head of lion, the strong body and nimble feet of a gorilla, and the powerful legs of an elephant. Noelle’s breath caught in her throat as she beheld the creature. This was the cause of the disturbance, but why? She didn’t see anyone who the creature could be harming. Her instincts didn’t lead her wrong though. If they alerted her to a threat then she had to eliminate the threat. The creature roared at the sight of the girl with the light. It reared up on its hind legs before charging at her full force. Noelle leapt to one side to escape the beast. She tucked and rolled as she hit the ground. She quickly got up again as the creature cried out once more. Pushing her hair quickly out of her face, she realized that she had dropped her light. A quick inspection revealed the globe to be several feet out of her reach. Seeing the creature coming for her again, Noelle quickly dashed over to the resting place of her lightsource, scooping it up along with the forest floor debris. Doing so, the light fell upon a still figure slumped against the trunk of a tree. She gasped in horror at the sight. She was sure that was the creature’s past target. Noelle felt raw fear eat away at her insides. What was she to do? Why did she come into the forest alone? Better yet, at all? She flung those fears aside. She couldn’t let them control her right now. She was here. That’s all that mattered now. She needed to find a way to at least distract this creature so she could rescue the fallen one a short distance away.
“Do you know who you are facing?” she questioned the monster before her. It merely bellowed at her in reply as it bounded at her.
“I am the Archangel of Christmas Towne!” she screamed as she shook the globe in her hands, causing the light to grow brighter. She wasn’t sure what she was doing just yet. She was merely trying to build up her own courage. “I am the caretaker of those who live in and around the city. Even in this dark place, I am called to protect any I find in danger. I do not know what you are or from where you have come from, but I do know that you have malicious intents. For that I cannot allow you to go on as you are. I will not allow you to harm anyone anymore!” She held the blazing ball above her head. She had no clue as to what was going to happen next, but she hoped it would work. As the creature came within range, Noelle slammed the sphere into its forehead. She could hear smash of glass and the horrified screams of the creature as it was set ablaze. She was shocked to see the fire spread so quickly across its body. Noelle backed away from the flaming mass as the monster writhed in pain. Almost as quickly as it was set on fire, the monster was reduced to a sickly vapor slithering away through the trees.
Susan turned her attention to the window. The amazing colors swirling from tree branches to the ground were more interesting than eye tattoos any day. Golden maple leaves waved good-bye to the mother tree as they danced to the ground, mingling with those who had fallen before and with them. Susan watched a particular leaf in flight, trying to predict where it would fall. However, her prediction would never be proven right or wrong because a sudden creature caught the leaf in mid air. Susan was amazed as she watched the puppy land on all four paws, shaking the leaf in his mouth about. His fur was as golden as the leaf. He looked something like a yellow lab. Susan couldn’t help but smile as she watched the little one dash about in the leaves. She almost forgot that dogs weren’t allowed on the school grounds.  
“Enjoying the scenery?” a voice whispered in her ear.
Susan quickly turned around to see her teacher smiling down at her. She noticed that the other students were leaving for next class. She must not have heard the bell. Susan grinned sheepishly.
“Yes, sir. It’s lovely this time of year,” Susan replied.
“I’m glad I have a student who still appreciates nature,” Mr. Colliette remarked. “However, you’re going to be late for your next class if you don’t hurry.”
Susan nodded as she gathered up her things. “Oh, Mr. Colliette, there’s a dog on school grounds.”
“Where?” the teacher asked as he gazed out the window.
“It’s right-“ Susan stopped midsentence when she saw that her little golden friend was gone. “He was right out there.”
“I’ll let the main office know we might have a stray dog on the premise. You better get to class.” He handed her a note just as the tardy bell rang. Susan thanked him before dashing off to her next class.
The other classes passed by in a midst of a blur. With so much to concentrate on and to complete in each class, Susan forgot about her earlier thoughts as well as the dog. That’s how school went at the academy. Barely a moment was to go to waste. Students were to learn from the moment homeroom started till the final bell. Whether the student did learn anything was his individual choice.
Susan packed up her materials after her last class of the day: Science. She felt rather glad to have the school day over. Now she had time to relax before diving into the homework her teachers had for her. Even such a studious girl as herself had to admit when enough school was enough. She followed the stream of students outside. The majority either went to the buses, parents waiting in cars, or the sidewalk to begin the trek home. Susan merely sat down on a bench under the trees she had been watching during her homeroom. Once the student population had cleared, she would head for her mother’s classroom to begin her homework while her mother finished up her preparations for tomorrow until mother decided it was time to go home. That was how things went every school day.
Susan looked up at the sky. The clouds above were wispy streaks against the afternoon sky. They looked like angel hair caught in the wind. Susan smiled to herself. She remembered how she told her mother how angels were always getting their hair in a mess. That’s how clouds were formed. Storms were merely the tears of the angels whose hairs were matted together and were being painfully undone. She had always been a strange child, but she didn’t mind. Mother had told her daughter from a young age to be herself.
“To be real is the best gift you can give to the world,” Susan murmured to herself. That’s what mother had always said in reply to when Susan cried over being teased.  Susan liked the thought. Many people in history were famous because they were different. Her thoughts turned back to Anne Frank. Anne’s story was so powerful because she was different. She was a regular girl who went through extreme circumstances. Instead of dying under the weight of persecution, she had blossomed. Now, her story inspired others. Susan wondered if she could do that someday.
A sudden whining broke her thoughts. She looked down to see the puppy from before. He indeed had the appearance of a yellow lab. Susan knelt down, holding her hand out to the little dog.
“Aww, you are so cute!” she smiled as the pup sniffed her hand. His tail wagged with plenty of enthusiasm as he jumped up in her lap. His warm fur chased away the autumn cool that attempted to nip at her bare fingers. She laughed as she quickly wrapped her hands around the little body to keep him from jumping up in her face. “Easy, boy!” she cried. “You know you’re not supposed to be here.”
That’s when she noticed a circle of gold hanging from his jaws.
“Hello, what’s this?” She gently took hold of the item. She tugged gently, asking the dog to let go. He easily let it go. He panted happily as Susan held the item in her hand for closer inspection.
Susan was surprised to find that it was indeed a ring. Its appearance reminded her of a signet ring. The thin band sported a flat oval gem that was a very light yellow. Engraved on this oval was a flower. Susan guessed the flower was a lily because of the trumpet-like blossom.  
“Where did you find this?” Susan asked. She looked down to find that the puppy was gone. She looked around to see if he had run off. “Where did you go?” she called as she walked around the area. There was no sign of the little dog. Susan sighed. Seemed that rascal was good at running away. She slipped the ring in her skirt pocket. She would have to ask her mother about it later.
Eternal Warriors: Chapter 1 Part 3 of ???
Susan goes about her daily routine. A few surprises are in store, but it's an otherwise normal school day.

Chapter 1 Part 2:
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Prelogue: silvershadowpheonix.deviantart…
Anyone else mad about Danny Pink? I watched the Christmas Special. Still in tears. *tries not to cry again*
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